Corporate TravelOnline

Modular booking system without limits!

Corporate TravelOnline is a special booking and back office system for companies. Organizing business trips can be expensive and time consuming without a proper solution. Our system solves both purchasing and booking through a single interface, thus reducing unnecessary expenses. A web-based product that does not require installation.
The various services, such as airline tickets, hotel, car rental, bus tickets, train tickets and insurance, can be booked online, in any browser, whether on a tablet or by phone.

Columbus WebonLine & ARGO

The role of travel insurance in tourism has increased over the years and has become an unavoidable market segment. Our interconnected systems offer solutions for all areas of the travel insurance market.

Columbus WebonLine: For travel agencies and brokersARGO: For travel insurers


Programmable interface per module

TravelConnect is an easy-to-integrate interface for building completely new web booking systems or expanding the functionality of existing websites. It is currently connected to Corporate TravelOnLine and Columbus Online, through which airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and insurance can be sold. As the basic software has a modular structure, the interface can even be used to book a service, such as a plane ticket, a hotel, a rental car or insurance.


StepIn Express

Complete access and security system


StepIn Express is an Ethernet-based access control system that integrates all automated processes from guest access to electronic payment. The system can be used in many ways: in fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, sports events, car parks, hotels. With a single armband, NFC tag, or barcode-tagged vehicles that are allowed for the guest, the system ensures that all this can be done with great security without the supervision of staff.