StepIn Express

Complete access and security system

StepIn Express is an Ethernet-based access control system that integrates all automated processes from guest access to electronic payment. The system can be used in many ways: in fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, sports events, car parks, hotels. With a single armband, NFC tag, or barcode-tagged vehicles that are allowed for the guest, the system ensures that all this can be done with great security without the supervision of staff.

Checkout / Reception

The system software provides an intelligent graphical interface for checkout workstations. Ticket and season ticket sales, PC-based NAV licensed, online cash register retail system Specifying guest privileges from predefinable ticket and pass types Electronic payment, balance payment, overdraft compensation User level module (rent, balance management, sales and entry statistics)

Electronic payment

One of the most important elements of the system is the management of the guest balance. With its help, the guest can buy from the pre-loaded balance, wristband and use the service. If the balance is exceeded, depending on the software settings, exit will be denied or the reception will be alerted. Some functions can be assigned to the guest balance: Automatic balance loading when passing through a gate Purchase of services (eg treatments, rentals), extension of discounted time-limited tickets Buffet and restaurant consumption


Guests can be identified with both a barcode ticket and a proximity (touch) armband or NFC-based cards and tags. The identification of the guest is done by reading a ticket or armband at the service points (doctors, restaurant, buffet, rentals) or by readers placed at the entrance gates.

Barcode ticket, NFC card and watch

Barcode and NFC-based tickets have been developed to withstand even the extreme climate of spas.

Advantages of a barcode ticket:

  • Tear-resistant plastic based waterproof
  • The applied barcode is made by sublimation process in the form of a self-adhesive armband
  • in the form of a ticket and an adhesive armband

Watch benefits:

  • the built-in chip is waterproof and shockproof Velcro high-tensile textile or watch design
  • watch, silicone design
    Advantages of NFC based card:
  • tear-resistant plastic-based, waterproof

ONLINE, keyless cabinet control

The automation of lockers and cabins guarantees maximum comfort for all guests. The cabinet doors are opened by reading the armband. The main advantages of the system:

  • Cost effective and reliable you don’t need any cabinet reader
  • Provides information online about the current occupancy status of lockers
  • Cabinet hacking alarm on selected terminals and even SMS to security guard greatly reduces thefts
  • Cabinet release is automatic as the guest leaves
  • There is no need for a traditional key and its registration
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