For travel agencies-

Columbus WebOnLine

Online Travel Insurance Booking System!


There are currently 7 Insurance Companies and more than 1,000 sales partners using the system, making it the largest comparison system available on the market.

Select the Columbus WebOnLine system, which provides access to products from different travel insurers through a single booking interface.

They issue the calculation or even the bond with a single click. The Columbus WebOnLine system monitors various bonding parameters so it can be used securely not only for passenger insurance but also for ticket and cancellation insurance.

Monthly settlements are created automatically and a list of bonds can be requested in the system. The travel data of the partners will only be transmitted to the insurer after the conclusion, the passenger data will not be stored on the insurers’ website.

Passenger insurance for brokers:

Through our TravelConnect system we can also serve partners (brokers, etc.) who have their own sales interface and sell travel insurance products using XML data transfer.