ARGO aims to manage the Insurance Company’s travel insurance products. It administers the part of the process that defines and builds the insurance along with all its parameters.

The system prepares monthly statements for agents at the end of each month. The data can be automatically processed in the accounting system of the Insurance Company.

ARGO is able to record and manage data from different sales applications used by partners in different depths and formats, both at the contract and product / mode level.

Unified, central analytical record, with functions that operate with the highest possible degree of automation, leaving the possibility of manual intervention.


Features of our system:

  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Built-in user authorization levels (product management rights, booking views, etc.)
  • Complete partner management
  • Management of banking processes, tracking of cash flows throughout
  • Management of frame-rate insurance
  • Management of settlements, payments and disbursements


Connected to the passenger insurance and back office system is the Columbus WebOnLine sales interface, through which partners are served. Thanks to the design of the sales interface, it is able to serve hundreds of agencies at the same time.