Corporate TravelOnline

Modular booking system without limits

Corporate TravelOnline is a special booking and back office system for companies. Organizing business trips can be expensive and time consuming without a proper solution. Our system solves both purchasing and booking through a single interface, thus reducing unnecessary expenses. A web-based product that does not require installation.
The various services, such as airline tickets, hotel, car rental, bus tickets, train tickets and insurance, can be booked online, in any browser, whether on a tablet or by phone.
Because it is a modular system, individual modules can be freely configured according to the needs of companies.

We can provide an unlimited number and varying levels of user access for a company, making corporate travel more transparent.

What special features does our system have?

  • Built-in approval process
  • Statement of lost savings (Lost & Found), destination of travel statistics, breakdown of travel, statement of CO2 emissions of airlines and other customizable statistics are available
  • Additional services of discount airlines can be booked online, e.g. luggage, seat reservation
  • The reason for the trip can be stored for booking, making retrieval easier
  • Built-in messaging system, messages on bookings are stored for up to an unlimited period of time, but for at least 5 years
  • Versatile discount management
  • Options for connection to accounting systems
  • Creatability of user profiles tailored to companies’ own needs (eg: business class availability, travel frame management)
  • Optional bookings available
  • The system is available in Hungarian and English, even within a company.
Our system is connected with interfaces to the market-leading GDS, CRS systems, which we continuously maintain, ensuring the most modern functionality. Currently, we connect 3 international airline service providers and 8 international hotel reservation systems simultaneously, and the products of 7 domestic insurance companies are also available online. We are constantly expanding the number of service providers.
The system can be used as a B2C interface as well as to serve non-IATA offices for travel agencies. One version of the Corporate TravelOnline system complies with the requirements of the European Union for public procurement and the guidelines for centralized public procurement in Hungary. In addition to the available parameterization, we can also take on the individual development needs of our customers, as we are talking about a 100% domestically developed booking system. Choose our travel web-based innovative booking system, the Corporate TravelOnline, contact us!
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